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Courage to Care Webinar

May 22, 2013, 2:00 – 3:30pm Eastern Time


Conference line: 888-858-2144

Access code: 1564913

The Courage to Care: A new evidence-based Extension Program to combat bullying and peer victimization by teaching compassion, kindness and empathy.

The Courage to Care program was developed by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension with assistance from the NIFA Rural Health Initiative Funding in 2011. Since that time the program has shown very promising results in reducing bullying and increasing empathy in schools across the nation.

Learn about this Extension program and how you can bring it to your 4-H, afterschool, youth development and family programs and how you can collaborate with school districts. Learn how to team with educators in your state to promote positive youth development in the area of civility and leadership! Learn about the exciting new research that indicates a new approach to changing school and community cultures and climates for young people.


Malcolm Smith, PhD, CFLE: Malcolm is the Youth and Family Education and Policy Specialist at UNH Cooperative Extension and winner of the 2012 Family Life Specialists’ Early Achievement Award. Malcolm was the architect of New Hampshire’s 2010 bullying law that has been called “the best in the nation.” Malcolm is the co-director of the Courage to Care project.

Rick Alleva, EdD: Rick is a Youth and Family Field Specialist in Rockingham County, NH and is a recent recipient of the Presidential Award of Excellence at UNH He serves as co-director of the Courage to Care project nationwide and is renowned for his innovative approaches to youth leadership and to combating cyber bullying.

Thom Linehan, MS, MFT: Thom is a Youth and Family Field Specialist fin Merrimack County, NH and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Thom’s work in making the Courage to Care program parent and teacher friendly has made the program a hit in the communities that are embracing the program and its research base.

Jeff Frigon, MS: Jeff is the Youth Programs Coordinator at the UNH Browne Center for Innovative Learning, a former Project Adventure trainer, and educator for the Courage to Care program. When not swinging from on high, Jeff helps teachers make the change from “preaching” character development to helping students discover on their own. He has brought years of work on learning theory for middle-schoolers to the project.

Patrick Shannon, PhD: Patrick is an Associate Professor of Social Work at UNH. Patrick served as the independent evaluator on the Courage to Care project and is known nationally for his program evaluation work among diverse populations.

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