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May State Fair Blue Ribbon Express newsletter

4-H Blue Ribbon Express
all the State Fair news you need to know…

MAY 2012 – ISSUE 3

  • Booth Survey and Building Usage
  • Teen Leadership Opportunities
  • Key Leaders Wanted!
  • County Booth Activities
  • Social Security Numbers
  • For more information…
  • Animal Science updates

Booth Survey and Building Usage
Thank you to the 25 counties that have responded to the County Booth Information Form and Display Request survey! We ask that the rest of you complete it as soon as you can. You’ll find the link under the "Youth Building County Booths" heading on the page for staff. This information will help with overall planning for the building and will alert us to any special evaluation scheduling needs.

We want to remind people that county booth items are still in short supply in the Youth Building. You are likely to experience shortages in the things you have requested just as you have in the past. We continue to try to address these needs with State Fair Administration.

If you haven’t checked the "2012 County Rotations" schedule posted under ‘Youth Building County Booths’ on the staff State Fair page, please do so and let Adam know if there are any concerns or questions.

If you have any special requests for use of the building beyond your booth, please contact Nancy or Tom Davis. You’ll find a Stage and Demo Kitchen schedule posted under the ‘General’ category.

Teen Leadership Opportunities
Teen Leaders:

There are three different Teen Leader opportunities – Teen Evaluators work with exhibit judging, Booth Teen Leaders work with projects that engage the public in their county booth and Program Teen Leaders assist with activities of specific 4-H programs that are on the fairgrounds. Now is a good time to start making plans for your county. These are a great way for teens to learn basic job skills, make new friends and have a leadership role in 4-H – and we couldn’t run State Fair without them!

We’d like to highlight thePress Corp Teen Leaderprogram this month. 4-H Press Corp members gather information about the daily happenings at the Fair and create a newspaper, print it, and distribute it to fairgoers. Teens gain valuable skills that enable them to effectively approach resource people, gather and organize information, write quality news releases, and perform interviews.

Teen Leaders participate during their county’s time period. Sign up is due by July 15 and further information can be found in the state fair handbook for staff ( staff.aspx ). Only Educators can nominate Teen Leaders – the youth are not allowed to sign up directly.

Junior Superintendents (Teen Assistants):

These positions previously known as "Teen Assistants" are designed for older 4-Hers (age 16 and over). A premium of $40 per day will be paid. More specifics are in the handbook and the application procedures are on the website at:
If you have questions contact Tom Davis at htd2 .

Wanted: Key Leaders to help with programs!

The following colleagues are Program Coordinators needing help running the many different programs during each time period at State Fair:

Chicken/Turkey BBQ Contest and Egg preparation: Mary Ann Whipple
Cynology/Dog: Dana Palmer & Kathi Chambliss
Fashion Revue: Mary Fairley
GPS/GIS,Energy,Climate Change: Chip Malone
Information Booth: Roxanne Dueppengiesser
Produced in NY: Brenda Carpenter
Press Corps: Jessica Spence
Shooting Sports: John Bowe & Bill Schwerd
Teen Evaluators: Jennifer Jensen
Horse: April Winslow
Horse Teen Leaders: Shirley Miller

Please offer to serve as a Key Leader if you are not already signed up – we can’t run State Fair without these positions filled! Contact the Program Coordinator directly or e-mail Nancy Schaff at nschaff to identify the program you can help with. The Key Leader chart can be found under "Youth Leadership":

County Booth Activities

Each year we encourage counties to have teens leading hands-on activities in county booths. We want the public to see 4-H in action! There are several Cornell supported activities you can choose from that might be a great fit for you. Remember – most have an availability limit! Here is a taste of what is available: 4-H Renewable Energy Lab, 4-H Science Toolkit, Fabric/Flight Connection, In-Touch Science, Choose Health: Fitness Station/Trail, Energy Bike, Wired for Wind and Marvelous Magnets.

To register go to:

Social Security Numbers!
Social Security Numbers are REQUIRED of all youth expecting to receive a premium for their exhibits at State Fair. If a youth has exhibited (in the youth building, animals, contests etc.) at state fair for a premium previously, you Do Not need to submit their SS #, as their number is already on file. NEW exhibitors MUST provide their SS# in order to receive a premium. Please use the form that can be found at:

If you have questions or concerns about this form or process, please email Pamela Castro at pac11.

Need to know more?
Questions on State Fair? New staff that need orientation?

Don’t forget that Tom Davis is available to do a Polycom meeting or set up a phone conference with individuals, counties or districts to discuss questions or updates. Email him at htd2

Be sure to refer to the State Fair Handbook for Staff and Teens to find answers to most of your questions:

Animal Updates…
For current state fair Animal Updates available see:

Dog Skillathon Contest – All 4-H dog project members may participate in this contest during the dog show at the NYS Fair Wed Aug 29 in the coliseum. 2011 was the first year this opportunity was offered at the state fair in a station format for 2 participant levels (Novice and Experienced). In 2012, youth will again test their dog knowledge at 10 different stations. Possible stations may include: 1) Breed groups or breed identification, 2) dog science vocabulary or body part identification, 3) show term definitions like patterns in grooming, what does “contact” mean in Agility etc., 4) Fun/Famous Dogs, 5) Ears/Eyes/Teeth care, 6) Vet Talk ie: normal temp, pulse and respiration rates, 7) 4-H trivia (expect a question about using GPS units as this was a new workshop at the 2012 Dog Leader training ), 8) identify 2 different things like heartworm, tools for grooming etc. 9-10) Demonstrate something ie: how to safely lift a dog, muzzle a dog or look for fleas, trim nails etc. Collectable breed pins will be presented to all participants. Registration will occur upon arrival.

Nancy Schaff
State 4-H STEM Program Specialist
Cornell Cooperative Extension ~ Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research
Beebe Hall ~ Cornell University ~ Ithaca, NY 14853
607.254.7416 ~ nschaff

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