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Inherent Risk Legislation—very important for horse owners in NYS

CCE Educators and Staff,

You know that we as CCE employees cannot take a public stand on legislation. But we can educate the public and pass on information concerning current legislative issues.

Inherent Risk legislation for the horse industry has been passed in almost every state in the nation except about a small handful.

New York and California are two of the states that have yet to pass this legislation – that helps limit the liability of horse operations, similar to the current legislation that we have in NYS that protects the ski industry for inherent risk.

This legislation has come to the table almost every year in the past 10 years or more in the legislative process in NY state. It is once again being proposed, discussed, and considered at the state-level.

I recently received information from the NYS Farm Bureau. I am passing this information on to you.

Please pass on as appropriate to horse owners in your county programs.

Jeannie Griffiths


This is important to every horse owner in the state!

New York Farm Bureau, the state’s largest farm advocacy organization, requests your support for a number of bills (S. 795, S. 3195, A. 1256 and A. 3930) that would provide relief for equine operations from New York’s liability laws. These bills create an equine safety code and establish limited liability protections for the inherent risks of dealing with horses.

All the bills are referenced in the letter after entering your zip code under “Take Action Now”.

You can go to: to find the written bills using the numbers listed above.

Please pass on as appropriate to affiliated horse owners.

Thank YOU!!



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