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2012 Ribbons for Regional 4-H Horse Educational Events

Hello all,

We are trying to clean up the Willman account before our June 15th deadline below.

If you had a bill to submit please do so soon – as per directions in the attached memo.


Jeannie Griffiths

From: Jean Griffiths
Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 3:30 PM
To: CCE-STAFF-YOUTH-L; ‘Cheryl Bish’; ‘Janice Hutchins’; John F. Bowe; ‘Lisa Mithcell’; Nicole M Olsen; ‘Robin Bartholomew’; Sarah A. Shue
Subject: 2012 Ribbons for Regional 4-H Horse Educational Events

CCE Educators and Staff with 4-H Horse Responsibilities and HEC Regional Chairs,

Please find the annual memo about Willman Fund support for Regional ribbons for 4-H Horse educational events.

There is funding to support Regional:

Ø Horse Bowl

Ø Horse Communications

Ø Hippology

Ø Horse Judging

There is $50 towards each of these Regional events that are held – or a maximum of $200 per Region.

Please follow the directions in the memo.

The DEADLINE to access this funding is June 15, 2012.

Good luck at your Regional events. Keep everyone positive and have FUN!!

Jeannie Griffiths




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