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Free Webinar | Equine Identification: Traditional Methods and New Technologies | Register Now

CCE 4-H and Livestock Educators,

An educational opportunity.

A very good topic – webinar – sponsored by the partners with the American Association of Equine Practioners (AAEP).

Please pass on.

Jeannie Griffiths


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The Horse Webinars
Equine Identification: Traditional Methods and New Technologies
Free Webinar Tuesday, May 29, 2012 8-9 p.m. EDT

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Join and presenter Monty McInturff, DVM, for a free webinar detailing why equine identification is vital to horse owners, government officials, breed registries, and veterinarians.

By reviewing traditional methods of identification, including hot branding, freeze branding, microchipping, drawings/photographs, DNA analysis, and lip tattooing, Dr. McInturff will explain the pros and cons of each method. He will also explore and demonstrate how the newest technology in equine identification, iris scan, works.

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About the Presenter

Monty McInturff, DVM, is managing partner at Tennessee Equine Hospital, a multidisciplinary practice with a focus on performance- horse medicine located in Thompson’s Station, Tenn. He joined the TEH in 1991 and has since helped grow it into a state-of-the-art diagnostics facility with a full-care equine hospital and ambulatory service. McInturff has a specialty interest in sports medicine and maintenance of the equine athlete. He earned his veterinary degree from Auburn University.

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