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2012 New “AOR” Forms/NYS 4-H Horse Program

CCE Educators and Staff with 4-H Horse Responsibilities,

I have been getting quite a few e-mails and phone calls about the “Acknowledgement of Risk” (AOR) forms – for 2012 NYS 4-H Horse youth participants.

For more information – please find the e-mail below and the attached PDF document – both were sent to the NYS 4-H Horse Education Committee Chairs and members.

YES – all youths (Cloverbud and Regular Members) must fill out the NEW AOR forms for participation in 2012 4-H Horse Events. Youth do not have to fill out a form for every horse event they attend – only once per year.

Dr. Valerie Adams sent a like notice to the 4-H staff. There have also been recent video conferences that included the new policy – covered by Adam Davis and Dave Ferris.

Hopefully this will help answer most of your questions.

Jeannie Griffiths

Extension Horse Specialist/4-H

Dept. of Animal Science

Cornell University

From: Jean Griffiths
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 1:54 PM
Cc: Valerie N. Adams; J David Ferris; Dinnie Sloman; Victoria Badalamenti; Adam Davis
Subject: 2012 New "AOR" Forms/NYS 4-H Horse Program

Hello HEC Division Chairs, Members, and Regional Chairs,

Please find the attached memo – a PDF file.

It explains the new 2012 requirements for “AOR” forms – for Cloverbuds and Regular Members – that are involved in the NYS 4-H Horse Program.

You can directly click the “NYS 4-H Risk Management” website and the forms – by clicking the blue in the memo itself.

The effective date for this new process was March 1, 2012.

Please read the memo carefully.

Thank You!

Jeannie Griffiths




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